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     It's been a pet peeve of mine for a long time now that I've not been able to find a house cleaning company who ticked all of the boxes. Well, I think my search is over now. Catford Cleaning have exceeded all the expectations I had. Excellent price, great results, really friendly staff. Just everything I've been looking for, so will be happy to go with them in the future. Hopefully a regular service, they're that good!
Ann Kelly05/11/2015
     Our home stands transformed after the gentle care and effort that Catford Cleaning put in. Since we had not been using this apartment for the past one year, it needed detailed attention. The team was able to bring make the apartment dust free and bright within a day. We are very happy to endorse their home cleaning service to all.
Damien S.19/08/2015
     With all of the different cleaning services out there, it can be tough to find the one which you really like. I know now, as I must have called them all up at one point or another. I think the main difference for me was talking to them on the phone and getting a feel of what they had to offer. The best ones by far were Catford-Cleaners and they were who I went with in the end. Seemed to be a good choice, as they've been utterly stupendous so far. Cannot think what they could be doing better.
Ashley M.07/01/2015
     I want to thank Catford-Cleaners for everything they did for me. I was in a bad position, needing to handle move and a clean at the same time but they came to my rescue. Their helpful and friendly team took on the end of tenancy cleaning for me and did so thoroughly. They saw to every speck of dust, every stain and all clutter. I was able to get my move done on time and they made my home clean for me. I know the process wouldn't have gone well without them.
Bradley K.18/12/2014
     It may sound strange but they actually feel like a part of the family now! Catford-Cleaners came through for us when the previous company we hired weren't quite up to scratch and we had to find a different firm. After a few weeks of having the cleaner come along I can definitely say that I am glad we swapped. Their energy while cleaning was great too, definitely took on a few pointers! Great job, great professionalism, and very well mannered. So thank you a great deal, and I hope that anyone reading this will consider you too!
     I was put off professional cleaners in the past because I always thought that they'd cost too much to hire, and not provide enough of a return to justify it. But because I'm getting older now, and need some help around the home, I decided to give one a shot. I can certainly say that Catford-Cleaners was certainly worth the money to hire. In fact, they were a lot more affordable than I was expecting! They dispatched a small team of helpful and friendly staff, who could reach and clean the areas of my home that my back just won't allow me to reach anymore. It was a load off my mind, and I'll certainly be hiring them again!
Andrew T.29/08/2014
     I've always wanted to try a cleaner out to see what the big fuss was about. I decided on Catford-Cleaners because I'd heard a few neighbours had hired from there and when I looked at the reviews, everyone had wonderful things to say about them. My experience was even better than I expected. The knowledge and skills my cleaner had been so impressive and it was very obvious that she had a lot of training and experience and she wasn't just anyone cleaning my house. I would definitely recommend going through this company.
Jade Watson16/07/2014
     Leaving a dirty kitchen behind when I go to work and then coming home to all the mess in the evening is really quite irritating and I decided to employ a house cleaning company to help get the place clean and tidy whilst I was out. Catford-Cleaners have been terrific - they come and clean the place from top to bottom whilst I'm out and by the time I'm home they have done it all - the washing up, the laundry, hoovering and dusting and it's so much better to come back to in the evening. I would certainly recommend this company.
Callum M.30/06/2014
     I have always loved collecting things and so my home is adorned with various antiques, from paintings, to plates and dolls. I am every particular with them so they are not damaged so I have to be careful when cleaning. I needed to hire a cleaning firm to help with things but I was worried that they wouldn't be gentle with my things. I called Catford-Cleaners and they were able to convince me otherwise. Their expert cleaner is very gentle with all my keepsakes and makes them look better than ever. I am happy to say I can trust them with a perfect clean.
Lillian Cooper20/06/2014
     I love cleaning around the house and sometimes I just don't have time, so whenever I am struggling for time I call Catford-Cleaners to help me get things done. It has taken so much stress out of my life and I can concentrate on the really important things, and still enjoy living in a clean, clear and pristine home with my family. I could recommend them to anyone as they have never let me down and always give me a great service. I think they would be ideal for anybody who needs regular or one off domestic cleaning, or needs some more free time in their lives!
Dawn N.08/04/2014
     As a property developer, I find myself looking for a good cleaning company to get the houses ready for tenants. I have used many but have never been satisfied until I came across Catford-Cleaners. Whilst other cleaners were too busy on the phone, collecting money and procrastination, these cleaners were all about the hard work. The houses were cleaned efficiently, quickly and for a very low price. I am a very happy man and will continue using their services for sure. I would certainly recommend them to all who are looking for a great, professional, reliable, cheap cleaning service.
Timothy Evans27/03/2014
     I've always hated cleaning with a passion, and I absolutely dread doing a thorough house clean. Most of the time I end up making excuses and not bothering, but when I heard a colleague of mine discussing the state of my house at work I knew something had to be done! I'd wanted to hire a cleaning company for a long time, but every service I'd looked into had been far too expensive for me! Luckily Catford-Cleaners had some good prices and the reviews I'd read had been very favourable. Now I know why! This is an amazing cleaning company that's great for your home and your bank account!